At Charizone, we care deeply about charities, and want to be part of a charity sector ecosystem that supports them and helps them achieve more.

We know the challenges that charities face every day, and so we want to showcase their good work so they can focus on that work and not fundraising. We're particularly aware of how difficult fundraising can be, especially after the pandemic.

How does our framework help charities?

1) We help bridge the knowledge gap

Charities want to know what donors are looking for in order to build a targeted fundraising strategy, but that’s usually unknown to both charities and donors.

We are bridging this information gap. The only information that is consistently available about charities in the public domain is found in the annual report and accounts and on their website. But this information is often inconsistent and difficult to easily pull together. Our framework standardises the information the donors want and improves the information charities provide.

By defining a narrative around charities performance, we are reinventing how charities engage with donors, based on showcasing their good works. Charities can focus on achieving their impact and less on raising funds. In the long-term, our vision is to shift organisations away from having to market themselves to spending that time figuring out how to be more effective.

2) We use sector standards

Our framework is based on existing sector codes and good practices - what the charity sector has decided are the important parts of being a "good" charity. By using this standard information we are levelling the playing field, giving medium and small charities equal ground to showcase their work.

Charizone's framework shows what "good" charities look like without adding to your workload. For many charities the information the framework is requesting already exists, for some it might be about publishing information you already collect. Our framework was guided by people who are passionate about the sector, and we want to build build trust and legitimacy in it. We want charities to consider the significance of the indicators we use; we don't want it to become a box ticking exercise.

The framework allows charities to self-assess and also understand how other charities are doing; this analysis helps charities and funders to become better at what they do. It helps us identify strengths and weaknesses, identify what works and what does not, and learn how to improve.

We will encourage major donors to build a long-term relationship with you and to build trust and develop and open and honest conversation.

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