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A chart showing the three stages of the Charizone process: We collate, assess and present charity information into one insightful report; empowering you to take your next steps with confidence and enabling you to become a responsible and engaged donor.
Three images showing charity activities: medicine, the environment and training.

Here's a question for you

Is it enough to support a charity based on "trust", or should we enhance our decision with data?

Even though there are more charities than ever before, we often end up supporting the usual charities - and struggle to find the new, lean and impactful organisations, who are often using novel ways to promote evolution within the sector.

That's why we collate publicly-available charity data and insights into easily-digestible reports - presenting a narrative to empower your decision to support charities that you really believe in.

By covering three key areas of a charity's performance (the impact of their work, their governance and their finances) we're here to inspire the philanthropic community to use wealth for good, to support charities that align with their values, and to work towards a better world.

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"Large marketing campaigns, show-stopping events, and successful fund-raisers don't make a difference to our reports. Instead, our framework enables philanthropists, wealth managers, and other donors to make informed decisions - and be confident that their donation really is contributing to a better world."
- Sarah Gammah, Charizone Founder
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Philanthropists and Wealth Managers

Our reports condense a wide array of publicly available information into an easily-digestible format, enabling you to quickly compare different charities against your (or your client's) philanthropic strategy and values.

These reports are designed to be used as an aid - to empower you to take your next steps with confidence.

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We care deeply about the good work that charities do. Our vision is to build trust and legitimacy in the sector by promoting sector standards and improving the data and reporting for all charities- regardless of their size.

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With comprehensive reports on over 200 charities, we're off to a flying start. But our work doesn't stop there. Want to request a report or recommend a charity?
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