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Why our reports matter

Why is it so difficult to make informed, passionate donations based on knowledge - rather than being swayed by a well-planned fundraiser, a glossy website or a shiny marketing brochure?

Our reports provide you with meaningful insights about charities in an easily-digestible format. Based on the Charizone Framework, we offer a holistic and balanced narrative of performance that is standard across a broad universe of charities.

Using robust quality-controlled processes, our analysts collate and assess over 80 data points per charity from multiple public sources. Our reports are designed to transparently and objectively present our findings along with the evidence that justifies our assessments.

Charizone does all the hard work for you, so you that can choose which charity to support with confidence. Because that's much more rewarding than just ticking a box.

"Our mission is to empower donors and philanthropists to create effective, long-term and supportive engagement with charities."
- Sarah Gammah, Charizone Founder
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We focus on three core areas:

A donut chart showing the three components of the Charizone Framework: Impact, Governance and Finance


Impact is the positive change that is created by a charity.

Charizone expects all charities, regardless of their size, to regularly assess their effectiveness in achieving their long-term charitable mission.


Good governance is reflected in a charity's compliance with the law and relevant regulations along with adherence to best practice guidance.

An effective board of trustees is fundamental for the success of a charity and for promoting a safe, open and transparent environment.


The financial health of a charity is necessary for delivering its charitable objectives.

Charizone considers key issues common across all charities to assess the financial management, sustainability of their operations and efficiency of their use of resources.

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