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We couldn’t think of a better way to tell you more about the mission and the goals we strive towards at Charizone than through the work we have done for The Champions for Children Campaign. And although our responsibility lies in delivering accurate charity data in a user-friendly, holistic and objective narrative - what keeps us motivated is the vision of helping charitable missions come true.

We know it’s a very long road ahead but we are equipped with a fantastic team, great resources, and a dream that will change the world by helping charities achieve more while inspiring donors make informed and responsible decisions through the use of data.

About The Big Give, The Childhood Trust & The Champions for Children Campaign:

The Big Give is an innovative organisation specialising in bringing charities, philanthropists and the public together to multiply their impact. Over the years, The Big Give has raised over £190m for thousands of great causes through the power of match funding by organising various campaigns during the year: double the donation … double the impact.

One of The Big Give's annual campaigns is the Champions for Children Campaign which is taking place in June 2022. This campaign is launched by The Childhood Trust: the London's child poverty charity dedicated to alleviating the impact of poverty on children and young people living in the capital. (Did you know that 55% of poor children in London are materially deprived compared to 44% in the rest of England?)

Through the Champions for Children Campaign this year, The Childhood Trust is offering £3.5 million of unrestricted funding to match the donations of the participating charities.

How Charizone supported the Champions for Children Campaign:

It was a huge privilege for us when we were asked to support the campaign by providing the data and analysis of the charities involved in this event and thus to humbly contribute towards the vision of alleviating poverty for children and young people across London.

Our charity reports helped The Big Give and The Childhood Trust in their due diligence processes. The reports included the evidence, analysis and assessment of charities according to our framework and data-driven processes aimed at shedding light at the charities' work as well as providing a base to promote engagement and constructive dialogues with each charity.

It is worth noting that our reports did not cover all the charities involved in this campaign, as our database focuses on charities with an annual income of over £500k over the last 3 years due to the availability of some of the data points we collect at scale. With that being said, the campaign was open for charities with an annual income of over £25,000 and at least one set of filed accounts on the date of application.

The Big Give is aware of the success of their platform in multiplying the amount donated to charities every year. With such responsibility, they needed to know that the charities they are selecting and promoting are operating in the best possible ways to achieve their charitable mission. With our reports, they were able to verify the information, identify potential issues and areas of improvement and avoid supporting charities that do not align with their values and vision.

This is what they had to say about us:

"Working with Charizone has helped augment our due diligence checks on charities to ensure our philanthropic partners have the complete picture of charities to make informed funding decisions. The team at Charizone has been very helpful in delivering the data we need in their bespoke reports and giving us a detailed overview across all of the key areas of the charities work and financial considerations. Charizone brings more transparency to the charity sector and we would recommend them to funders and donors alike to better understand the organisations they are supporting."

Similarly, The Childhood Trust has committed the time and resources to diligently understand the new charities joining the campaign and to build on the existing relationships with charities they have supported in the past. Our reports do the hard work of digging the data from multiple sources and present them in a clear and consistent narrative, which not only makes them easier to understand but also saves their analysts a lot of time and effort. In addition, our data-driven quality-controlled processes are scalable and reduce the subjectivity and bias involved in the analysis.

We are immensely encouraged to be part of the community of informed and responsible funders and are thrilled to share our success story with you. Working alongside all parties involved in making a difference not only makes our journey more enjoyable but also incredibly fulfilling.

How you can support The Champion for Children Campaign:

The cost-of-living crisis we are facing is having exacerbating effects on the lives of those who are most in need. Children living in poverty in London need our help now more than ever- they are missing meals, living in homes that are being cut off from electricity and feeling worried and anxious about their circumstances.

The Champions for Children Campaign not only offers you a great opportunity to learn more about the issues vulnerable children and young people in London face on a daily basis but also to gain a deeper understanding of the various programmes and relentless effort that charities are doing in our society.

At Charizone, our vision is for all donations to be informed; whether it’s £1 or £3.5m. Whilst we are working hard to make the results of our analysis available to all, you can benefit from the robust and thorough processes that informed The Childhood Trust and The Big Give. By joining The Childhood Campaign, you can have complete confidence in the donation you make and that it will go to the right place.

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